Ladies, patronize your local lingerie store

Old school bra ad
Old school bra ad

Today I went and visited a women’s lingerie store on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. This store has been in business for multiple generations. It’s beautifully merchandised and managed by some lovely older ladies. The quality is incredible and it’s a classy operation.

What dawned on me when I walked in the store, is that the only time that I’ve been in a local lingerie store was when I had my first “fitting” — oh, like 25 years ago. I forgot how the art of buying lingerie (yes, even your every day panties) has been lost on mass merchandised stores like Victoria’s Secret and select-it-yourself department stores. Rarely do you find someone who will provide you with service — and frankly, they don’t care “if your boobs hang low”.

What I think the problem may be is that the way the store is merchandised may be too intimidating. There’s a lot in cases, and not much to touch and feel. I don’t know about you, but I like to touch everything! I still think this is a personal business. It may make it a bit weird to ask someone “can I see the panties that are a little risque” or, “the ones that remind me of my Grandma“.

But stay true, stay strong. Having the right undergarments actually makes a difference in how your clothes fit you. I’ve had several “fittings”, and now I’m converted.

So, calling all ladies in their 20s and 30s — go to your local lingerie store, get a “fitting” and have an expert select your dainties. Be prepared to pay more, but you’ll receive better, quality goods and professional service.

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