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Amongst the plethora of coverage around the passing of Michael Jackson and the fact that many of you are probably at the beach this week, instead of your desk chair…Savvy has sifted through a few of the more interesting articles and studies released this week for your perusal.

Forrester Research released a study this week that Interactive Advertising will grow to 21% of all Advertising spent by companies by the year 2014! The most staggering statistic in the study was that most of the growth will come from social media and mobile ads — and that social media will grow by 34% by 2014. Right now advertisers are just spending around $716Million this year, but by 2014 it will be at $3.1Billion. Read the article from

Technorati, the blog index site of choice for the past 7 years, has now launched Twitterati. Read on to see how they are integrating Twitter with their blog search directory.

Our website designer, April Hodge Silver, of Springthistle Design, has launched her book about developing your own WordPress blog. Interested? Go to

And finally…learn how Smokey Bones, the East-coast based BBQ chain, has turned its hosts from local restaurants into social media ambassadors…as told by

Stay tuned for some very exciting news from Savvy. We’re working on launching our NEWS page because we have so much to talk about!

Enjoy the beach. Try not to burn.

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