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Cape CodWell, Summer is coming to a close folks. With just one weekend left until Labor Day, it’s time to put those white pants to the back of your closet and get out the barn jacket, because Fall is almost upon us.

A couple of interesting shifts in the way of social media that have really been grabbing the headlines.

First, the launch of Facebook Places this week. Yep, it was just a matter of time before Facebook got their developers working on a location-based application. Having done a thorough competitive analysis on Foursquare vs. Gowalla for Comcast, I am well versed on the benefits and features of location-based apps. So, with the launch of Facebook Places, I was curious as to how well it would be adopted. I can honestly say that I’m not so much of a location-based app user, well, because I don’t find my life that exciting or incredibly social since becoming a parent. That said, I have found myself using Facebook Places in the last week. From my local patisserie to my date night with my husband, I have used Places 3 times this week already.

Facebook is also making Places a priority over Like/Fan pages. In reading an article on Inside Facebook, it was noted that Facebook had changed its algorithm for the News Feed, putting Places as a higher priority than the Like/Fan Pages. Some pages saw as much as a 65% drop in their usage. If you ever thought Big Brother was upon you, you can certainly confirm that now! And, as a brand, it is getting harder, and harder to rise above the incredible amount of noise on Facebook. So, I ask you…do you know what place you’re going to, and will you be sharing it with me and the rest of the world, so to speak?

Search is becoming Social….

So, Google is getting a run for its money. Yep, I am getting the sense that Google now feels it has to look over its shoulder. With so much talk, well, really action, of search becoming social, it’s no wonder Google is working on its own social platform. An example of search becoming social: My husband and I took our daughter this past weekend on a plane for the first time. So, instead of searching the web for tips on traveling with an infant, I used Facebook as a search and crowdsourcing vehicle. 12 comments later, I had all of the tips I needed without having to leave Facebook. And, as a follow up to the conversation, I felt compelled to give an update to my community, and thank them for their contribution. Now, that was useful!

And lastly, have you been meaning to recommend a colleague, client or partner on LinkedIn? I just wrote some recommendations that I had outstanding for some good people. Now’s a good time to get on that before the hoopla begins post-Labor Day.

Well folks, this concludes our savvy Summer Fridays posts, well, because I’m taking a Summer Friday next Friday. See you in the Fall!


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