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It’s me. I’m back again. Been busy. And quite frankly, a bit uninspired to blog.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, I know blogging is important. But, it’s been so challenging lately.

Issue is, I’m SO OVER reading digital journalist’s posts about the next thing with Siri, the iPad3, Verizon & ATT’s service, what will Google do next, Mark Zuckerberg’s private photos… I mean blah, blah, blah, blah. I know I have to stay up-to-date about technology. It’s vital for what I do. And I do it. But there’s gotta be something more…Like, what’s the meaning of life?

Sorry. I digress. 🙂

The one piece of advice I give clients who want to (and need to) blog is to write about something that inspires you. Doesn’t matter what. Could be ducks, food, fashion, lamps, travel, babies, empowerment, fun, craziness, work, play, sleep, eating, what have you. Whatever it is, make it shine when you write about it.

So, a light bulb went off in my head recently about what I could be blogging about. I love working with clients who happen to be philanthropists, foundations and corporations supporting a cause. That’s what I’ve been doing at Phil & Co for over a year now. And well, I’m inspired!

I’m inspired by my clients that stand up for literacy, women’s rights, those affected by pancreatic cancer, public policy, education, transcendental meditation and I could go on. I’m lucky that I get to support people every day doing good for this world and dammit, that makes me proud! And as a result, I get to create all sorts of fun digital stuff to help them do that. Ain’t that the bomb!

So, here it goes. Going forward you’ll continue to see some posts about digital stuff, but there will also be a mashup of digital and social good blogging taking place, right here, at

I’m back!


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