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HuffPost launching a new social news feature
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Here’s a brief recap of some articles Savvy has found interesting in the last week. Take a gander and stay cool…

Capitalizing on the customization and socialization trends in online media, news blog Huffington Post launched a new feature yesterday allowing readers to construct their own Social News Networks around their Facebook circle of friends. Until now, Facebook Connect has been utilized by media sites as a way to simplify registering and to encourage the sharing of content. This takes the integration a step further, giving readers the tools to create friendly interest groups around issues and points of view – something the site has been doing informally since it launched as a left-leaning political news aggregator in 2005. In some ways this is a natural next step for Facebook, which has provided real-time feeds for partners like CNN during live events in the past. (Resource:

Dan Schawbel, who Sheryl Victor Levy will be speaking with on August 27th in Boston at the first Personal Branding Summit, has written this interesting article for Newsweek on celebrities and how they are using social media, including M.C. Hammer. Check it out…

Lots of debate swirling around regarding whether social networks are viable for creating long-term conversations with consumers. Check out this article from Advertising Age on the click-through rates on Facebook page Walls.

Lastly, in an effort to introduce our clients to our Savvy Social Media Coaching, Savvy Strategy has launched a new series of interviews with professionals who are using social media to generate leads and create “personal brand” awareness. Read our first interview with the CEO of The Lawrence Group, Larry Rothman.

Finally…are you budgeting for social media for 2010? Need some advisement on what you’ll need? Contact Sheryl at

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