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Writer's Block: the official booze of NaNoWriM...
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You haven’t heard from us in a while…well, we’d like to say it’s for good reason. Like, we just finished up a stellar engagement with DIRECTV. Or, we’ve taken on another initiative with the Skin Cancer Foundation. How about we’re going through a re-branding. Yes, like most agencies, we can use our good fortune as an excuse that the cobbler’s children have no shoes, but you can’t let us get away with that.

But, we’ve got to be honest. We’ve had some Blogger’s Block. Yep, like the eponymous Writer’s Block, we’ve had Blogger’s Block. Now, it’s not that there’s not plenty to talk about, it’s just that there’s been too much to talk about. Too much noise, and we think, well nothing entirely motivating to talk about.

Lately though, within the last few weeks, we’ve gotten excited about a few things that you’ll be hearing from us about — from Social Media Week in NYC (which was also held in multiple cities around the globe), to the launch of Apple’s iPad (we’re a bunch of Apple addicts around here), to what was good — and not so good about the Super Bowl this year.

That said, we’ve found a couple of stimulating articles we’d like to share.

Now back to unblocking that block.

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