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Last week I attended a “Lunch With Benefits” conference call courtesy of Step Up Women’s Network, the non-profit I’m involved with here in NYC.

The call was hosted by Pamela Mitchell, the founder of the Reinvention Institute in Miami and was about “reinventing yourself” as it relates to your career. Whether you want to start a new business, or expand your job, reinventing yourself is a huge part of your personal branding — which I do a lot of consulting for.

I’m sure you would agree that no one is better at reinventing herself than the Material Girl,  so here are some terrific and poignant excerpts from the call for the rest of us regular people. (And of course, for mine and savvy’s branding, whilst I was on the call, I was tweeting away. Feel free to catch additional details at Here are the highlights:

  • Reinvention doesn’t have to be a life shift. It can be about how you relate to your work.
  • You need supporters for your reinvention. When you talk about change it triggers people’s fears.
  • You need a safe environment to explore ideas and lay out a plan to reinvent yourself
  • Volunteer so that you meet people from other industries. (You could do so for Step Up Women’s Network. :))
  • Emerging trends: Companies value people and the reinvention of talent who have skills that have long-term value. Prepare yourself by developing skills that are useful long-term and focus on things that are outside your core expertise that benefit the company. Reinvent your style of leadership. Study the customs and language that leaders use and develop yourself towards that to move up the ladder.
  • There are no more safe departments or industries. They don’t exist any more. You will no longer have security for a lifetime at a job. REINVENTION IS THE NEW SOURCE FOR JOB SECURITY. (Ain’t that the truth!)
  • Moving from corporate to entrepreneur – you have to understand your risk profile. You have to know your appetite for risk. This can help you shape the kind of business you could succeed at.
  • Being an entrepreneur is a series of solving problems
  • You really want to get advice from other Entrepreneurs. You want to know what it’s like. You want to talk to people at all levels who are successful at what you want to do.

I found this call to be incredibly informational, and I hope you found the tips very useful. At savvy, I help individuals who are going through or have just completed “reinventing” themselves, and I really adore supporting my clients on helping them express that digitally. Most recently I received a wonderful endorsement from a client who went from Corporate to Entrepreneur and started a consulting practice. Here’s what she had to say:

“For those of you who are not yet comfortable with LinkedIn; Facebook; Twitter and all other… Sheryl is the expert for you. I knew LinkedIn was a great tool but I just wasn’t able to understand or use it to its maximum potential until Sheryl came on the scene. I have increased my network from 50 to 350 and growing. I have also referred Sheryl to a number of colleagues. So if you want to be in the know…call her and tell her Laurie sent you!”

So, if you’re in the market for reinventing your career, or your job, go to visit Pamela’s website at

TTFN…Getting back to continuing to reinvent myself…

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