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Last Friday I took a Summer Friday off, but here’s my post:

I don’t know where you are today, but where I am it’s rainy and cool…not such a beautiful Summer Friday, but alas, it’s better than -20 degrees and snowing. It’s the kind of day you snuggle in with a good book, or play games with your family. It reminds me of a rainy camp day, when they’d ship us off to the Roller Rink for some roller skating and snacks. Whatever the weather is where you are, it is another day on earth and another day to celebrate living.

This week it was revealed in a study that Moms control $4Billion of the U.S. Household income! According to the MediaPost blog, Engage:Moms, it seems that one of the preferred ways to communicate with just about any target segment these days is through email, due mainly to its low cost and high ROI potential.

And speaking of Moms, now that I am one, I’m of course a bit more in tune with the challenge of balancing work and family, along with my marriage. I can honestly say that I’m truly thankful for the awesome life that I have, and I definitely believe there’s no such thing as a Super Mom. Here’s a rather eye-opening article entitled, “Changing the Game: Ending the War on Moms.” from a terrific newsletter called The Glass Hammer.  And, while we’re talking about being a Super Mom, a colleague recently tagged me on Facebook for a Fortune magazine article called How High-Achieving Moms Balance Work & Family. I have to say, I was very flattered by the compliment! Thanks Dave Kerpen!

Lastly, on the subway this week I saw a transit ad for a series on PBS called ” A Place of Their Own.” It is a show and a site that provides tips, activities and resources for Parents, Grandparents and Care givers to utilize for children. From Healthy Snacks to Early Child Development, the show really tries to support raising a child in today’s crazy world, and supporting Adults in doing so. Don’t know how to deal with a tantrum? Well who does? Then click here to find out.

Stay tuned for my next article on personal branding about reinventing yourself…

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