I am an executive digital coach helping clients navigate the digital landscape and achieve business and personal goals.

I sift through the “noise” on the internet to isolate the bits of data that are most useful and important to my clients.

Clients range from mid-career managers to c-level executives in Advertising, Entertainment, Licensing, Media, Pharma, Finance and Technology.

What I do
•    One-on-one customized digital coaching
•    Digital business strategy
•    Digital marketing strategy
•    Process development for social media and digital implementation

How I help

For a major media company:
•    Provided the head of national ad sales with consulting services
•    Coached on how to think about, approach, position and sell digital products integrated with traditional media
•    Developed digital business plan, created sales presentation, positioned products and shows, researched and analyzed metrics.
•    Result: Client now successfully and confidently sells integrated marketing solutions to advertisers

For a known radio/TV personality and journalist:

•    Coached on how to build and grow her brand separate from her employer, then create and engage a community
•    Armed her with a strategy that blended social networking and branding tools
•    Result: Built Twitter following by 27% in 1 week – and growing!

For a CEO of a licensing firm:
•    Provide ongoing strategic and tactical counsel on how to use digital and social media
•    Develop processes for implementation
•    Provide similar counsel for a number my client’s clients

For an advertising executive, consultant and entrepreneur:
•    Coached on how to reposition her as a consultant on social media
•    Helped establish her new consulting business’s social media presence
•    Result: Built her online and offline network for business development

For an advertising executive and writer:
•    I developed a strategy, roadmap, and social media tutorials
•    Managed implementation of new brand, content and distribution strategy for her book concept
•    Result: Enabled client to gain a full understanding of social media and how to implement her content distribution strategy to build a community

Just starting out in digital and the social media community? Or, are you more deeply entrenched but in need strategic counsel on how to best leverage your resources?
Please call 917-747-5920 or email me at Savvy Strategy




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