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School's Out for Summer
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Gosh, don’t you love Summer Fridays?

Throughout my career, I’ve been fortunate to have been at some agencies and media companies who gave us Summer Fridays…Ahhh, there’s nothing like having every other Friday off, or, getting out at 1pm. It was like leaving early from school. School’s out!

But currently, with my own consultancy, I can pick and choose when I work, which I’m very fortunate to do. Of course, I always prefer to be busy…and when I’m busy, I long for some time off.

So, for the remainder of the Summer, I’m going to share some interesting digital tid-bits that I find in my travels on the web for personal and professional stuff. It may be about Motherhood, or Rate Cards, the iPad or inspirational thoughts. I hope you enjoy them.

Today, I received this as a part of the email newsletter from Brass Tack Thinking. It talked about the author’s learning over the last few years in business.  I’d definitely apply it to my own life as well:

The difference between where I was then and where I am now is a combination of a few things.

1. The willingness to believe that I might just be missing something.
2. The openness to hear voices and ideas that weren’t my own.
3. The strength to believe in my own mind and heart.
4. The confidence to walk away from ideas and people that were consistently negative.
5. The conviction that it was perfectly okay to change my mind.

My Maroon HighlighterAnd, speaking of confidence…This week I received this article from The Little PINK Book, the professional Women’s newsletter (and magazine) that I find oh so useful. I myself use my Dad’s Mont Blanc pen set, and keep it in a lovely leather case in my handbag. I don’t go anywhere without it — for both practical and emotional reasons. I love bringing the pen out at meetings, or using it to write a thank you for all the wonderful gifts my daughter received for her arrival.

As a professional, you pay attention to the impression you make. Everything – from that new suit to your favorite pair of “who’s the boss” pumps makes a difference. So the next time you reach into that stunning briefcase, you might want to think again about pulling out that old pen you acquired during your last stay at the Four Seasons. Don’t think pens matter? Read the rest of the article here.

wnycLastly, here’s my plug to listen to Public Radio. My husband and I have been a member of the station for a number of years now, but I’m surprised by the number of New Yorkers who don’t listen to or know of the station. I’m talking about people who have grown up in NYC, or people that I consider to be very cultured. WNYC has 1+Million members, so they definitely have an audience…and the quality programming you get from the station is priceless, and worth bringing into your life. I’ve also been fortunate enough to become a consultant for WNYC. Go to or tune in to 93.9 FM on your dial. You’ll never know how you lived without it.

Stay cool in the hot heat. Have an Arnold Palmer on me.

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