In the News…

Image by heyjoewhereyougoinwiththatguninyourhand via Flickr A couple of very noteworthy announcements, debacles and funnies this week in the world of marketing and social media… First, the funny…Twitter, changes its status…According to today’s Cynopsis, “Roger, Rerun and Dwayne would be proud. Twitter is officially changing the update question it poses to its users from “What Are […]

Rules for Communicating Your Personal Brand

Image by daveelf via Flickr I was at a spectacular Personal Branding panel recently at NYU‘s Kauffman Center, hosted by Step Up Women’s Network — which I’m a member of. The panel was moderated by Beth Schoenfeldt of Collective-E. The panelists were: Hope Hughes of Deloitte, Carla Harris of Morgan Stanley, Christine Beauchamp of Ann […]

Building Revenue Through Connection and Collaboration

Image by luc legay via Flickr A few weeks ago, I wrote a post called Business Development in Today’s Economy about the 4 Cs. Connection, Collaboration, Clients and Criteria. For this article I’m revisiting Connection and Collaboration, because they are so closely intertwined. Connection, as discussed earlier, is about reaching out not only to clients, […]

Nielsen: Social Networking Overtakes E-mail in Popularity

Image via Wikipedia Yeah, I know, I’m behind in talking about this announcement that Nielsen made oh, like 24 hours ago. It’s like a lifetime in the digital stratosphere. This is about Social Networking overtaking email. I read that headline and I thought, “Wow”. And then my follow-up thought was “That’s no surprise!”. There are […]

Why Big Brands Struggle With Social Media

Image via Wikipedia While I was on Twitter today, I came across this article on Mashable a few times, Why Big Brands Struggle With Social Media. It’s great, you should read it. I always look to my friends on Twitter to expose me to new and better ways to use Social Media. As a Marketer […]